The National Pension fund was created by decree No: 85-223 of 20 August 1985 repealed and replaced by Decree N ° 92-07 of 04 January 1992 on the legal status of social security funds and administrative and financial organization Social Security.

Legal Status:

The National Pension is a public institution with specific management governed by the laws applicable in the matter. Decree No. 92-07 of 4 January 1992 states in Article 2 that the fund is endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy.

Administrative operation:

The key bodies responsible for ensuring the operation of the fund are :

• The Board of Directors :

• It manages , controls and manages the Fund.

• General Manager :

• The General Director manages the Fund and ensures operation under the control of the Board


The National Pension fund missions  

They are fixed by Article 9 of the Decree N ° 92-07 of 04 January 1992. They are:

• Manage pensions and retirement allowances, and pensions and allowances of the copyright holder,

• Manage up to extinguishment, pensions and allowances served under the legislation prior to 1 January 1984

• Ensure the collection, control and litigation for collecting contributions for the financing of pension benefits,

• Implement the provisions laid down in international conventions and agreements on social security,

• Ensure the information of the beneficiaries and employers,

• Manage the aid funds and relief pursuant to Article 52 of the Law N ° 83-12 of 2 July 1983 concerning retirement,


• You are 60 years old

• You gather at least 15 years of work

• You open entitle benefit to a pension


If you total a minimum of 32 years of work and insurance, you can receive your request for a full retirement pension with immediate enjoyment.


Early retirement is established by Legislative Decree No. 94-10 of May 26, 1994

• Be at least 50 years for a male worker

• Be at least 45 years for a female worker


It is awarded when you express yourself in the application and if you meet the following conditions:

• Be aged at least 50 years.

• Justify a minimum of 20 years of work and social security contribution.

For female employees, age and duration of activity is reduced by 5 years, and bearing:

• The age at 45 years.

• The working time to 15 years.

Constitution of direct pension file

For the constitution of the pension file, it is mandatory to provide:

• A completed retirement pension.

• An applicant's birth certificate.

• A family record of civil status.

• An excerpt from the municipal register referred (for the Mujahideen).

• The business rationale (the employer's certificate).

• A statement of wages earned during the 5 best years.

Constitution of reversionary pension file:

For the constitution of the file it is mandatory to provide:

• A completed pension application (form provided by CNR)

• An act of death of the insured.

• A family record of civil status.

If the insured is not retired, joining in addition to above room:

• The work certificates justifying his business.

• A certificate of pay earned during the best 5 years prior to death (to be completed by the employer).